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My Favorite Presidents

I have three favorite Presidents that ironically were friends.
Peyton Randolph is known as one of our first Founding Fathers.
John Hanson approved the Great Seal of the United States that is still used today.
George Washington is known for his character. He set the precedence of moral beliefs for future Presidents to follow.

Research for this poem unveiled quite a mystery.
I have created these letters with facts from our history.

6 Feb. 1746
Do you remember Thomas Jefferson? He introduced me to his cousin Peyton Randolph.  Yesterday we went for a walk to The Library Company of Philadelphia at Carpenter’s Hall.
Love, Elizabeth

9 Feb. 1746
I am happy you met Peyton. He is good friends with George Washington. George told me his family is well to do. His father is an attorney.
Love, Anne

22 Feb. 1746
Peyton’s father was an attorney but he died when Peyton was 16. Peyton studied law in London and became Attorney General of Virginia in 1744. He asked for my hand in marriage.
Love, Elizabeth

8 March 1746
We truly enjoyed your wedding. My only regret is that our parents were not alive to see it. 
Love, Anne

5 Sept. 1774
Hear Ye Hear Ye on this 5th day of September 1774, We the people of the Continental Congress proclaim Peyton Randolph as our first President.

12 Sept. 1774
Your presence in the Revolutionary Movement gives it more legitimacy.  Starting each session with prayer is a good idea. How is your health cousin?
Love, Thomas

22 October 1775
I regret to inform you that our friend Peyton Randolph suffered a 5 hour fit of apoplexy and passed away while dining with his cousin Thomas. I am sorry.
Henry Middleton

5 Nov. 1781 
Let it be known that John Hanson is elected as President of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles of Confederation.

During his term, John Hanson introduced the Treasury Department, the 1st Secretary of War, and the 1st Foreign Legion Affairs Department. He established Thanksgiving Day as the 4th Thursday in November. 

30 April 1789
Journal Entry
I was named the first President of the United States today. I vow to establish a precedent based on true principles. 
George Washington

Written for Your Favorite President (President’s Day Project) Poetry Contest
Sponsored by L Milton Hankins

Copyright © Evelyn Swartz