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My Story

I really don't have a 'my story' life.
It seems to me that all that I have done, won, or lost
are due to a 'you'
that million-faced lover or foe.

I need to thank all those that stood in my way,
all who built walls of hate around me,
your story is my history.

Once my blood reacted
to the chemicals poured into words,
those poisoned letters
now taste like candy under my tongue.
I feel that person, see him or her
and long to congratulate them for taking me along
with their passion and their pain.

When a 'my story' begins to be your future,
when the past is a river crossing
we wade over together,
that might be the ending or another beginning.

The tale between the pages is ours,
and if I were a power as great as a moving pen
I would sign all your names
across my heart.

Copyright © Eric Ashford