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Until infinity
In any vicinity
Let me put it out there officially
I smoke and drink religiously
Call it the holy trinity
You'd think it does not mean s*** to me
And that all of it was done deliberately
Don't need your sympathy
Back-up or an infantry
Going to handle it differently
Instead of taking it all literally

This took effort and energy
Listen up Beverly
And Jeffery
A sad tune and melody
No cure or remedy
Continual treachery
Impacting longevity
Lives put in jeopardy
Done in plain sight or with discrepancy
Only thing left is a memory
The cycle going on endlessly

In case you're unaware
Had to start somewhere
I once cared
Now my heart, it's nothing there
People often just stare
Realize real life never was fair

I'd just hide and brush it to the side
I ain't got all the time
Or I'll fall behind
In a world full of crime
I've tried to keep an open mind
Instead of being asinine
Occasionally drinking seltzer with alkaline
Still looking for my valentine
While close and far from power lines
Became friends with a Porcupine
They never tried to undermine
Or made me feel like Frankenstein
Often I'm Jekyll but then I change to Hyde
All this rage inside
Is today the day I die?

Soldier, stand down
Don't be a damn clown
When there's toxic gas around
And in the sky a giant ash cloud

So what if they have doubts
And want to bad mouth
Once again I'm about to black out

All across the homeland
She needs to get with the program
I've been on that Conan
So she can get some romance
Watch me do it with no hands
Another body another toe tag
Like Godzilla against Rodan

Instead of always being so mad
Find a solution by making your own plan
Otherwise it all could go bad

Copyright © Dalton Ogletree