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Dark Matter

Barren and bloody,
    I have dreamed of death ...
      I have stood beneath the sea of suns,
       Heaven's raw wound gaping to swallow me,

       Straining, stretching my fingers
      To tear at its mocking, star-freckled face,
    The acid ache of loss burning my marrow and sinews,
Pain and consternation tying me to the earth, like roots in bedrock ...

I imagine I am made dust, cold and callous,
    Swept up by a keen winter wind,
    And carried to abject oblivion.
With all my might and matter, I pray for it ...

I beg the cosmos to scatter me to the firmament,
    To make me one with all that is NOT,
      With all that reality and meaning disavows,
       The obscured pillow for the stars,

       The throbbing nub of nothingness.
      But then I open my weeping eyes,
    To see that I am still ...
But flesh.

Submitted on December 4, 2018
To the "December 2018 Any Form" Poetry Contest
Brian Strand, Judge & Sponsor

Copyright © Gregory R Barden