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Bliss-filled nostalgia of bright memories
     resurrected my joyous youngster days
          urged by my special child’s grand masterpiece
               showing a lady’s multi-colored-dress
                    which he persevered on thru his crayons.

Such glad reminiscence brought me flashback
     of my art-inspired times with my siblings
          when we would make alive various drawings
               by delightfully applying colors
                     with Dad and Mom cheering.

With vibrant mood, I’ll constantly cherish
      our mirth as a family together
          warmed by love’s radiance, glowing with sweet care
               while feasting on God’s blessings midst dearth blues
                    thanking Him for grace-light’s faith-fluorescence.

Never in oblivion would I bury
     golden stewardship lessons of mentors
          “Work well; invest in eternal values; 
               Waste not resources, nor squander money;
                    Spend wisely, yet wholeheartedly you share.”

September 18, 2018 

Copyright © Beata Agustin