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Contamination Nation

Daily we face different kinds of aggravation,
but there is one type which by man has its causation,
and it merits an immediate termination.
But because of modern “civilization”
and the greed of many a corporation,
it’s doubtful we shall have the consolation
of ending modern man’s contamination.
I’m not talking parasites or the visitation
of bacteria from eating a crustateon.
I mean the one of worsening gradation.
It’s environmental, and in my evaluation,
is the worst of all, for it has manifestation
in things consumed by us or by our inhalation
of air of course! It’s an abberation 
for which we need to have more constertnation!

Society should have mortification
for what is being done. There’s no good explanation
to offer our descendents. The concentration
of chemicals and also of radiation
along with nitrates in our soil’s fertilzation
is cancer-causing, and now inflammation
is affecting nearly all the population.
Politicians do not act. Procrastination
may very well end in our obliteration!
It’s like murder through premeditation.
And this murder uses no discrimination.
What do you think? Is it this country’s destination
to leave our kids with total devestation?
Surely in this mortal realm there can be salvation!
And so I finish with this small summation:

Unless we act, we’ll remain, for the duration,
in our station of a Contamination Nation.

4/4/18 for the Contamination Contest of  Kai Michael Neumann

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich