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National Stand

The Illuminati are a con,
It is how they have won,
From the formation of the nation that they sit upon 

While we are stuck taking our medication
And dealing with the manipulation, 
We are avoiding the confrontation
To stand up and show some dedication.
They’ve created a world full of discrimination
That only causes more and more separation,
But this generation will stand by its reputation
To lead our civilization through an innovation
And create a restoration, not from imagination
But from the motivation and a transformation
So that we may eliminate this radiation.
We all must make a declaration.
Let us make it our obligation
To no longer feel this isolation.
Enough with the fake and the misinterpretation.
It all begins with our education and our communication
To set forth a new foundation made from the right information,
And have the consideration to give an explanation
To those who continue their observation.
We cannot have any hesitation,
Because that is what has created this starvation and the humiliation.
This deceleration from a dictation.
An obliteration of an abomination.
The desperation for annihilation.
A devastation from the extermination.
The contemplation of a suicidal fascination.

Why must we go through an evaluation of association? 
Or an examination just for participation?

So this is my preparation to the administration.
My determination to the legislation.
To end this classification and begin a new implementation.
To allow the immigration of those stuck in a migration,
And give them the compensation for their triumphant demonstration,
Of their exploration and their adaptation,
And give others the rehabilitation and justification,
Instead of always leading with incarceration and a limitation.
We must rebuild our democratic federation
With a new team for the delegation,
Derived not from the propagation and defamation,
But from the navigation and confirmation of a proper nation.

Copyright © Jorge Oyola