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Sweet Nothings

Please tell me once again
With your breath caressing my ear
Whisper all these sweet nothings to me
For I'll never tire of your voice
I'll never find you insufferable 
Start all over again and tell me for eternity

Come here, closer, feel the warmth of my breath
It's me softly telling you, 'You Are My Heart'
With each inhalation your aroma captives me
Listen closely to my words, 'You Are Mine'
Flows so gently off my tongue
My warm breath tickling your ear

I'm all yours love, my existence you've invaded
Pick me up like a delicate rose into your arms
And tell me of all the ways you'd ravish me
With your divinely skilled hands tell me
Tell me the ancient tales of a love so impure
I surrender to you, set me a blaze and consume me

I will hold my delicate rose closely, tenderly
 My heated fingers following forbidden curves
Giving loving attention to each pedal
Removing your thorns with heated adoration 
To be planted within your gardens soil
And spin you tales of my ancient love

Tell me how you love to play your way around
Pulling on my every string softly and tenderly 
Relieve me of this tension creeping up on me
Play me like a fine tuned guitar lulling me to ecstasy
Come with me love and let's crescendo together
Let's break the ceilings of Heaven and soar

You're the instrument my hands love to stroke
The cords my fingers get entangled with
I will bury my lyrics within your melody
Stirring a sweet refrain of musical bliss
Bringing the music to an inevitable climax
Shattering the Heavens glass ceiling

(A collaboration with my dear friend  ©Patrick McDonagh)

Copyright © Aheri Rose