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Need my first thing in the morning cuppa tea 
bladder’s screaming ‘how long can I hold this pee?
but I am waiting for a darned online delivery

App says 8 more stops, so I know he’s getting near
then hopefully these butterflies will disappear
Footsteps creak along the corridor, it could be him
bet those nosey bastards went and let him in
Naah, must be a resident or someone visiting.

App now says 5 more stops then he’ll be here
butterflies go wild – it’s a frenzied bacchanal
dancing, unabashedly as though its carnival
The tea, the pee, a number two, can all wait
He’ll soon be here before I’m in a real state.

App now say 3 more stops, then he’ll be here
soon I can get on with the rest of my day
butterflies could then stop their taunting play. 

OH NO! app shows his current location
my near elation has turned to frustration
never mind butterflies, my stomach is in a knot
wondering if he will come today - or not.
Put the kettle on, better make a nice cuppa tea
sat on the toilet, desperately needed that pee
number two shouted worriedly ‘oi what about me?’
Then, just then, there is a ringing on my bell.
Butterflies danced - now they can go to hell.

Copyright © Judy Reeves