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Autumn's Afterglow

Nature’s palette of golden paints overturns,
autumn's spectrum spills on color-burst landscape.

As the heat of the summer air dissipates away
The sapphire shine suffuses the crystalline sky
Crisp breeze ripples on the gilded thicket canopy
The rustling leaves perform the last fiery dance
As the summer birds leave the nests and fly away
Pearls of dew on the meadow craft silver crown
At crimson dawn it sparkles in ethereal splendor
Wait to freeze when the northern winds will blow.

Sitting alone by the window open on sprawling lawn, departing music of the wilted leaves I hear as they fall, the glare of the scorching summer sun has melted, the sign of autumn’s chromatic footfall I see beguiled. The smoky dust screen has blown away to far horizon, the flotilla of cotton cloud sails in the depth of azure. Bowed down slender blades of cinnamon grass sway in crisp air on the lap of the meadow turning fawn. Lining the sun-burnt cinnabar garden path paved anew, the dry trunks of the sepia trees stand on fallow ground. The setting sun ignites inferno in the seamless satin sky, makes surreal collage of vermillion ember blazing bright. In lilac sunset my heart is drenched by the twilight drizzle, soaking its glow I’ll greet the stars in pellucid autumn night. For my freezing times in the gloom of the winter I’ll hold the warmth of the touch of autumn’s remnant afterglow.
October 11, 2021 The final form is Free verse Contest : Let's Mix It Up Sponsor : Constance La France

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy