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Looking Back When I'm Gone

Looking back when I'm gone
this old earth still going on
so much progress in my life here
things all move on whether far or near

The pandemic still haunts the earth
from north to southern hemisphere
new vaccines always new on market
but the effects felt in the atmosphere

Climate change continues to worsen
as the cold countries rise with heat
makes you wonder about the end
how many years has it down the street

Now my presence has left for good
so many changes since I had left
this world seems on a downward slope
man's inhumanity filled with dope

The Lord told us He will return
at a time no one else does know
so the end will come there's no doubt
people need be ready be sure to follow

(I've written this considering that after leaving this life if I can look back on what's life like in my absence.)

Copyright © Gordon McConnell