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How love changed

I sit here and  look back and see how love changed ,
I went from getting hurt ,being abused , to not even ashamed .
It started off rocky i was like dang another game ,
But when he tells me he loves me it feels insane ,
If you read my last poem i was standing in the rain 
Hurt, confused ,and really ashamed ,
i didnt know who i was or how to gain ,
My life was a upside down rollercoaster about to break ,
Now i dont feel like that i feel brave ,
About to push out our daughter in amaze ,
Like damn i really found the one ,
We enjoy each other and really have fun ,
I love you even if i dont tell you alot ,
Its because sometimes i feel like this gold might fall out the pot ,
Without you and malachi i dont know where i would be ,
And adding aurora makes it all better to me ,
I just want you to know i appreciate you alot ,
And that you really changed my world ,
To something better and hot ...

Copyright © Skylee Miller