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The Magus

The semi dessert place of the beaten track,
a little oasis of orchards in the dirt cul de sac.
Where no one can find that man anymore,
stone walls full of herbs in bloom adore.
Walk through overgrown Granadilla,
Canna lilies in red, yellow and Lila.
The enchanter of life between the spinach,
long white hair and beard fits the image.
Ancestors evolution in body and mind,
heavens exile through natures law combined.
He speaks of Serbian symbols by habit,
natural life is the living as to grab it.
Showing admiration by respect,
given in love beyond all values detect.
The phenomenon at every moment clear,
Moon references stating the path so dear.
The bread and wine of the soul,
clean conscience as life wisdom whole.
Then all that produces longing, 
depriving the heart of its freedom.
Possibilities is the nature of free will,
virtue that can stand all vices still.
If one probe the depths of a character need,
it becomes life’s ideal and greatest seed.

Copyright © Robert Rittel