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My explanation of My dreams of Cam

This was a very personal poem for me.
For 3 years I've been dreaming,
Of different time periods Ancient Rome,
King Arthur, Leonardo Di Vinci, 
1800 West and Pearl Harbor. The only,
Constant is Her, Cam.
Dreams, no I think they are past lives.
That's how I am going to identify them.
Knowing the past will always,
Bring us to the future.
True most of my poems are past lives,
Romance, betrayal, Mythology and lost love.
I have always labeled myself,
"The Hopeless Romantic"
I dream of this girl Cam she keeps,
My heart young, free and independent. 
Is she real?  Not in this lifetime, Not yet.
I do believe with all my heart that we,
Knew each in another life.
In my poems I bring out my heart,
And soul in everything I write.
I am very passionate, emotional,
And driven in my poems, as we all are.
I am not embarrassed to say I have ,
Feelings  for Cam who resembles Toni,
Who died in my arms and is the,
The first poem I ever wrote.  It is on here.
We all have a Cam and I would love,
To hear about yours.

Copyright © okiegirlsrock Hudson