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4 Christmas pieces

How cool this was for this happy couple - a Christmas baby!
                  A Very Special Christmas

A little hug and kiss for Tim, then off to bed he scoots.
He lies in bed and listens close for prancing hooves and boots.

While Daddy scatters pretty presents ‘round the Christmas tree,
And grins to think how thrilled their little guy is gonna be.

He won’t be getting everything he asked for on his list,
But with the most important one, the others won’t be missed.

He’s getting his first puppy dog.    Last year he got a cat.
But he’ll be starting school next year, and he was thinking that

“Kitty” might get lonely…while he studied hard each day,
And Mom and Dad would both be gone, so…how would Kitty play?

Then Daddy winks at Mommy, and she blushes back at him.
Their gift to one another is a brand new friend for Tim.

This Christmas eve their home will hear a brand new baby’s voice,
And Tim and Mom and Dad will have great reason to rejoice.

So Kitty – Puppy -- newborn babe -- and Tim an’ Mom an’ Dad
Will surely call this Christmas eve - the best they’ve ever had.

        Riding Around on Christmas Nights

Friendly, frosty faces fill the streets with warm “Hellos,”
While little lighted luminaries twinkle…as it snows

On happy houses neatly clad in countless colored lights.
I hope you get the chance to ride around on Christmas nights.

          What wonderful get togethers these were…

                    Family Christmas 

If you had only been there, you’d have seen the fun we had, 
When every child was sitting there, beside their mom or dad.

Such great anticipation and excitement filled the air,
All eyes were on the Christmas tree (and presents waiting there),

Until, at last, the time would come to pass the presents out,
And we would sit and watch what “family Christmas” was about. 

The grownups helped the youngest ones who volunteered to sift
Through packages, then spread them ‘round, ‘til each would hold their gift,

And as the little bits of love that each had brought to share
Were mutilated wildly…wrapping flying everywhere…

We did our best to concentrate on whom got what from whom…
Though, that was sometimes difficult in such a busy room.

And most would feel they’d just received the best thing in the world.
Emily got a Barbie Doll, with hair that could be curled.

Mollie got some stonewashed blue-jeans. Bailey got a trike.
And Nick was sitting proudly on a brand new ten-speed bike.

Carson got a pistol that would actually fire caps.
And Landon got some cowboy boots and fancy leather chaps.

Stephen got the football he’d been begging for for months.
A bat an’ ball for Jonathon - (he’d asked for more than once).

David got a fishing rod. And Grant…a baseball mitt.
Mathew got a soccer ball…and started kicking it!

Amongst the pandemonium, the grateful parents sat,
Voicing their delight and asking…”Wow…who got ya’ that?”    

And each would make the time to tell the giver, “Thanks a lot.”
As all the kids were busy showing off the things they got.

Yes, that was just another family Christmas eve event….
But I cannot remember any time I’ve ever spent

Laughing harder…smiling more…and with a warmer heart…
? And feeling quite so good about of what I’d been a part.

                          Christmas was…

Chilly children chatting warmly to a fiercely flickering fire,
Crackling crispy conversations, as its flames are rippling higher.

Candles casting crooked shadows, bent and twisted on the wall,
As their flames, which flicker freely, dance to laughter, rise and fall.


Satin snowflakes drifting downward, softly lying down to die,
As a tear, reflecting mem’ries, trickles from an old man’s eye

As he sadly reminisces nights like this when he was young,
Whispering softly songs of Christmas. (Songs before he’d always sung.)

As he gazes through the window, thick with frost and peaked with snow,
Making dim his dreams…now fading... 
Making faint the “Ho, ho, ho.”

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