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Anti-Poem Nuclear Noah

Anti-Poem — “Nuclear Noah”

i turned the white sidewalk extending to beverly boulevard 
my street teeming with oozing life the stilled human voices
the decades dead coming out of their houses again coming
down the dim sidewalk wearing the colors of remembrance 
electric mothers with babies on porches spying the galaxies 
i saw them all watched them climb the open skies at sunset
their resurrected arms extending to the apexes to the stars
supersonic specter opens the chest plate carves the future
trumpet peels reverberate like singing priests at noon tide
the host is lifted the choirs of the redeemed drone on now
i saw them go up climbing spiraling upward into the tumult 
nuclear noah with eyes of jasper descending to the throng
the dream door is closed is locked for seven black autumns

Copyright © Stark Hunter Anti-Poet