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AN Answer For Larry Concerning My Song

An Answer for Larry concerning my song:

My life is many songs my life is a church hymnal my life is “Sing A Simple Song”, My life is ...Earth Wind and Fire. My life in a Negro spiritual, like “keep a inching along”. My life is a blues song imitated, loving the blues before I ever had the blues. Like Odessa...My life is a folk song. 

A song that assures me ...That in exchange for my “Blood Sweat And Tears”  the lyrics hit me  “that when I die and when I am dead,dead and gone;  I am guaranteed that  “That there’d be - at least “One Child Left To Carry On”.   

My Song is he’s got the whole World in his hands... and Although No body knows or cares about the Troubles I’ve seen. This “mean ole world” is temporary. My song carry’s me away from captivity And delivers me to my heavenly Bliss. 
So I sing off key so you’ll know it’s me. 

We are the world... We are the Children... as I  Stand in the need of reparation; My song is an invitation to share in the Victory of salvation.   

My song lets me wind my behind,or bump and grind. My song lets me praise him,fall on Church floors, feeling assured that Jesus if he be; “Be mine”.! And my somebody done,done me wrong song; Is just a sing along. Cause we all been done wrong, and need a healing song. And so I sing ... Lyrics that fit me in my songs. And melody’s that hit me in my moods.  I was told to look up at the sky ... and go the way the crow flies : So, I put one foot in front of the other thank my God ...and move on.’!

Copyright © Vicki Acquah