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Contented and unmindful of hassles,
We live snugly in our secured houses.
In the backdrop, you, the valid knight
Fight in perilous Ghats day and night.
Brave heart filled with dauntless guts,
Galloping warm blood in bulged nerves,
Honed mind with striking perseverance,
Mutable and rush to nooks and crannies.
Least bothered about food and comforts, 
Move with impetuous and swift actions.
Suppress wants, interests and feelings, 
And resist all temptations and impulses.	
Live in seclusion far away from kindred
And confront all dangers that demand.
Even your family longs your presence.
Is it not their praise worthy sacrifice?
Nothing could be cardinal to you ever,
Every nerve filled with patriotic fervor.
With least faze, hug the ruthless death,
The way you cuddle your beloved kith.
Without withdrawing an inch, settle
And consign to fight with all mettle.
For us and forever!
Salute Dear soldier!

STRAND COMPLETELY NEW(2) any theme any form
Contest Judged:  6/29/2020 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand 
position: Honorable Mention