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Fear transcendence

Feeling within consciousness contraction
We recognise its origin as fear
Arising from desire borne stagnation

Fearful to lose illusions we hold dear
Ghosts of our mind grips us thus in terror
Avalanche of arrows feeble form spears

Fear type any, it grows like a creeper
If unchecked, envelopes us in darkness 
Permeating our form like a cancer

How may we then, liberate consciousness? 
What may we do, to rekindle our joy?
Beseeches thus hermit in earnestness 

Attachment to objects, an ego ploy
Miring our attention in swamplands deep
Hypnotic stupor has us therein buoyed

To transcend our fear, the climb is not steep
We just let go of fleeting illusion 
Plunging into the void, in one swift leap!

We are free, upon vaporisation 
In but not of this world of forms fleeting
Flowing nonchalantly in elation

We disappear, there is no more fearing
What is, is a bliss mist, celebrating!


(syllabic Terza Rima)

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