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Dream Date

In a quiet restaurant of the town, I waited apprehensive for a while, when suddenly the door opened, and I saw a floating figure enter. She came like a bird on wings of ebullience, sat with poise on the chair close to me. I could smell the enticing scent she wore, saw a lone mole on her chin’s beauty spot. Time was ticking slowly in my nerves, I perceived my senses on the edge. I drank a glass of iced water, that seemed melted from glacial silence. The lights were romantically diffuse, the air was filled with fervently soft music. On my first date I felt being in the fairyland, as I woke up from the entrancing dream spell. The aura of her flamboyance charmed me, as I soared enthralled on cloud nine. Her angelic smile allured me back, and I gave her the red rose I brought. As in her silken voice she said “thank you”, my shy kiss landed on her beauty spot. I whispered “glad you came, but a bit late”, she said “early for the next date”, and smiled. _______________ January 26, 2023 Contest : My Dream Date Sponsored by : Anoucheka Ganganissoon

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