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Dystopia Beginnings

Discordant noise echoes in my mind 
Dreams bitter, unfulfilled, not sent 
Lying there, still waiting to be defined...

Memory awakens, as Life unfolds it’s stage 
In contemplative silence, I try to find anything 
Anything else left from dream time, to fill in the gaps in my mind.

Yes, I can hear echoes of the past 
Dreams bitter and unfulfilled, unsent and rising unbidden
With still, mysterious presents waiting, unresolved.

Thus, I am awakened to a forgiving present 
Conscience offering a free unwrap 
As the other life unfolds before me.


As evening brings its usual end 
I wonder what tomorrow will bring 
Better to question reality, than accept it as finished. 

Confused, I turn to my muse, needing guidance
“I cannot understand it either, my friend 
Look around, you've missed it already.”

I laughed when I drank five pints, knowing that life is truly insane…

My Muse then dared to open my memory chest 
Scattering its contents, on the grass like rain

Seeing as fifteen men rode a dead horse 
While three stood by and laughed in vain 
With I, trying to remember my true name.

All bets are off… I said 
Dreams no longer secret.

Now for the world to see… ‘Appear’
And all gasp in shock.

Five men hanged, feeding the rising Sun 
While the Moon sang songs in it’s reflecting fire 
Showing the truth…

Revealing even to dim eyes… All men as habitual liars.


Know there is no treasure waiting for best intentions 
Leave those songs to be sung at home.

So, let the dead rest in peace 
And let our brothers be free to roam.

Now, by God, let us sing songs of true righteousness 
For this night God willing, we do become free.

Yet, as the morning rises, we are slaves again 
Duty calls, the tease continues…
Still believing that freedom, is just around the bend.

We, singing long of loves, loves that may never be.

While our homes burn, and we are gone 
Leaving false realities, for our children to see.


I didn't smoke enough last night 
I keep seeing you all hanging there…

Thinking I was following the law.

But now you five men, I still see your stare forever.

Who passed the law that sealed your fate? 
No one here stands tall to blame
Just more reason to fill empty brandy cups 
And drown collective guilt in games.

After all, by what fair criteria do we judge 
In remembering past judgments...

Looking at our parents' lives 
From within the memories of loved ones.

What they fought for… And what they ultimately lost...
Such wrong decisions were made 
Adding to the toll, believing life was fair 

As so, I see true, my conscience bare.

Ah, but yet you were right, my Muse
Consider this as well… 
Showing at least some wisdom learned.

The decisions they made in their time 
Were within their reality, not ours as it is now...

Forgetting how fickle, how broken the rhyme of life runs 
Showing that no matter how just a resolution 
There is always more to come.

Looking back at their failures, as if my own, I pause 
Bringing up memories that cannot return the same…

Folding us aback, listening...
While answers remain, in twinkling Stars.

Copyright © Brian Rusch