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Spilled Ink

A true writer when consigned to their virus induced self-isolation

Might want to consider turning over in bed for hot contemplation

Passion cannot be subdued by staying at home for an interim stay

But once you have bedsores you can’t even shop for emollient spray

If you are lucky to share undercover mission with a like-minded soul

Change perspective paradigm and position but don’t fight for control

Poetry is no competition but a contagious need for sharing and caring

Sharpen your quill and be receptive because two scripts make a pairing

When words fail lie speechless and gather momentum for further action

Of mind soul and body until figures of speech gain metaphorical traction

Epic love stories aren’t written in one short night on an immaculate sheet

And when the curfew curtain draws longer do not refrain but press on repeat

28th arch 2020

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann