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of yang and ying

Is life an ever fight of yang and ying ? a path of desire and aversion of love, lust, passion and of repulsion and do we have to choose with everything ? I wish that want and craving could just cling. When faced with disgust I seek conversion, hate sends me on a silent excursion. Can the way be_ let go of things that sting ? Desire, loath, crave, dread, devotion, dislike when ugly turmoil roars I take a hike, and when rapture whispers my soul will purr _ In my life garden only flowers grow, I breathe a breath, relax and take life slow and all hostility fades to a blur. ____________________ September 27, 2022 Dante's Sonnet abbaabba ccdeed - 14 lines\ Written for the contest, Desire and Aversion sponsor, Unseeking Seeker

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