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The choice to choose is biased
Since sacrifices don’t allow to choose
We go into the shell of lied truth
Turn ourselves blind to His clues.

For the universe is conspiring,
And the plan originated in your soul, 
Buried beneath layers of intelligence, guilt and fear
Behold how the atom relates to the whole.

If fate is false and fortune a fallacy
Then where can we find solace
The origins are blurred yet existence proves
Somewhere is the magic of Euclid’s postulates.

When belief is broken and faith is shattered 
Realize that love is war for the selfish being
Do I turn my goggles upside down?
As we have forgotten the art of seeing.

The real love triumphs at war
It is also pure but different
Only if God after creating earth 
Would be asking each of us for its rent.

Some of us with broad chests do go
To pay the debt of motherland
By killing our brothers and her children
In the desert of life we are dunes of sand.

But now you say you don’t have a choice
Still a few do rejoice
And their choices have made you choice less
After all they were actually your choice.

Observing all this raises the toll
We suspect the power of our contemplation
Why do we try to push our frontiers?
If acceptance of ignorance is the only way of its eradication.

Trying to defy the ultimate truth
What are we trying to prove?
The world believes this ultimate lie
There’s no need to run, if you can move.

But is my conclusion right?
Or have I made a choice here
The result always rests on assumptions
Let’s live, why do we even care. 

Copyright © Abhinav Upadhyay