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Flickering awareness

Magnetised emptiness 
As pulse of stillness 
Life itself throbbing
As Ohm reverberating
The very aliveness 
Of consciousness 
Present at any coordinate
In blissfulness sedate
Is-ness within the flow
Innocence all aglow
Constancy in all variables 
Renewal of Gods miracle

In & within & as the current
We self-existent are cognisant
In resonation with the divine
As we resistancelessly align
All hues of love enlivening 
The thus renewal
Recognition readying attention
Orientation determining action
Of vibrational equivalence
Unity with oneness in innocence 

Acceptance notwithstanding 
In actuality of being
We cannot yet truthfully state
That we do not gyrate
Between duality & singularity 
Be it oneness voicing versatility 
Moment to moment our fulcrum 
Is not at the pivot of the pendulum 
Any intermediate position 
In the flow of bliss elation
Recognisable as interconnectedness 
Save samadhi no true oneness 

Light of samadhi beyond time & space
Bestowed by divine grace
Reason may be any but we do return
From the blissful sojourn
No doubt enriched but again contained
Within a reflection partially stained
Whilst mind body loosens their bind
Permanence in oneness we are yet to find 
Recognising unboundedness yet in limitation 
Content in aliveness of permanent bliss elation
We opine that unless samadhi be permanent 
The flickering flame is not in its native element 

Oscillatory wisdom not quite the becoming
Recognition not actual depth of blossoming 


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