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Poetry reveals, enlightens, consoles Holding reflecting mirrors up to our souls, Showing what we might not otherwise see Suggests how our lives might better be Poetry instructs, refreshes, and amuses, Often fascinates; sometimes confuses. Poetry blends the colors of our experiences Breaks down walls, erects dividing fences, Permits perilous flights into magical fantasy Unravels the mysteries of life’s intricacy, Regales with tales of mystical adventures, Prompts us to embark upon new ventures. Poetry can salvage the wounded spirit Sing harmony for those who will hear it, Filling bland, boring, monotonous pages With soft, sweet whispers or violent rages, Sometimes it reveals an innermost secret Or shares the truth of an unexpected visit. Poetry speaks to the innermost presence Voices reality or delves into the essence, Leaves much room for interpretations, Sometimes making astounding revelations Predicting the future in rhyming couplets, Or separating into parts like small drupelets. Poetry relives the epic stories of the Norse And, always, there is Shakespeare, of course Occasionally putting down the modern idiom While revering the archaic, somber requiem Libraries hold sacred the ancient poetic tomes Lines of fairies, gargoyles, and gnarled gnomes. Poetry demands respect of roaming muses Who spark far-flung ideas the poet uses Harnessing fleeting glimpses of the mind Poetry—literature of its own creative kind From sonnets to haiku to nursery rhymes Penned for people of all climes…and all times.
[A modified Sestina sans envoi] written August 26, 2021