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Something In Your Eyes

In one's eyes
You see one's inner being
Plain, simple or wise
Gentle, soft or inviting

Your eyes
Glowing over my eyes
Colored or simply nice
Enchanting, so revealing, no lies

Something in your eyes
Love or fate dives
Eye of an ocean deep hives
Love that's true, never dies

Something in your eyes
Travel in truth, not disguise
Colors of life that hides
In rainbows, all come out that rise

In your eyes I see
Million smiles so free
In your heart that keeps me warm
In my heart you hold me by the arm

Embraces of you I can feel
Your eyes that tell and heal
Roses for you I peel
My eyes in you reveal

Something in your eyes
You catch my heart that splice
Something in your eyes
My love for you divine

Copyright © Clifford Villalon