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Survival Instinct

Stuck in a burrow dug in fallow land of dismissal, l don’t know what in notion foundation of thing humans with insight think as art of living, conspicuous within sanctuary of soul. Survival fight throws sordid living into dark abyss, rupturing frail scaffold of my transitory tomorrow, shards thrown in ruins of dismal instants, I can’t run away from sucking chasm. Failing to find way of flight I try to light lamp of aim, and light up ambiguous last strip of dark path, survival instinct within gloomy nook of my mind prompts to crawl calmly to doorsill of coming days. As vivacious today surmounts spasm of agony, turning living spirit into a flash in dark night, and at dawn into chromatic rays of rising sun, limits of blissful soul surpass bounds of infinity. _______________ January 14, 2023 Letter omitted : E Contest : Lipogram Sponsored by : Emile Pinet

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