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avast congregation fomenting immediate legislation

young people all across this country 
     (The United States Of America), 
     this middle aged papa doth adore
stand arm against 
     pervasive arms that didst bore

un-necessary slain school students 
     robbing society of core
as unwitting targets, 
     sans vibrant youths 
     forever snatched to enter door

of homes, where loving 
     kith and kin no longer behold
a cherished biological product 
     lowered six feet under into cold
terra firmae, where Mother Earth 

     entombs the fruits 
     (ripened to their prime), now...en fold
did taken down by random bullets, which gold
din precious person murdered, 
     where maniacal gunman didst hold

down the trigger, which high powered weapon 
     loosed asper indiscriminate aim 
mass destruction 
     of sons and/or daughters killed fired, 
     whence slug didst claim 

another abhorrent statistic 
     from easy access snatching a darling dame
or handsome lad, while soundless horror 
     many a countenance 
     doth non verbally exclaim

the profound sadness, 
     now murdered offspring 
     solely enshrined within picture frame 
where sorry lost life haint no board game 

yet, random dice throw 
     courtesy of second amendment 
     fuels American's passion 
     asper right to bear arms, particularly re: cent  
spate of wanton mounting killed 

     (within storied halls of academia) 
     spurred many well organized national event
     reached a tipping point, 
     where lock, stock and barrel deadly age gent

brought together this day 
     (March 24 th, 2018), an immense crowd
staged across America within major metropolitan areas 
     (from sea to shining sea) with actions loud
her than words, 

     suffusing this older dada to feel proud
unsure if thine eldest progeny joined 
     the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
swell organized protests, which wowed!

Copyright © matthew harris