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Calm in the Eye of the Storm

Deep waters dripping mysterious unknowns, channel my anger into activities that involve no violence and less danger. My walk with faith believing in love, honesty, resurrection, and eternal life of peace without evil, deception, or pain, led me to Lord God who's presence I forever wanna have access and in our Lord's love eternally remain. In this world expressions of color labeling our emotions as moods sway in and out of happy, sad, or mad. Wish wonders anticipating all the things we haven't experience and want to have. Exciting times appealing to the curiosity of our inexperience. Deceitful heart, weak flesh, our good intentions, and innocent actions are preyed upon by forces not in our control. Temptations present themselves, all fall victims at some point to the things we wanna do we don't and the things we don't wanna do we find ourselves doing. Environment of sin why lie say what we mean and mean what we say for better or worse. We can lie to others but to lie to ourselves worse. Be the person we're inspiring to be not the one buying or selling according to what's trending and winning majority of society's temporary popularity. Be who we are not what others expect us to be or want us to be. Truth set all free from lies, manipulation, and deception for all eternity….
    Freedom birth free to alwayz remain free producing freewill. Let's do our best to appreciate that freewill and use it wisely.
 Calm seas blessing the inhabitants of the world with peace without dangers and threat of total destruction.Easily happiness and joy can operate.Thoughtfulness helps us to be thankful and enjoy life to inspire to spread love not hate.              

Copyright © Michael Thomas