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Free Spirit

The storm has come in from the bay,
bringing with it rain and wind.
Thunder and lightening accompany the rain.
But the wind comes on its own.
It comes with a force, that none can contain.
It's power knows no bounds.
The course it sets, is the direction it goes,
whether it is plotted or not.
Can blow from the north,
then from the south.
Only it knows how the wind blows.
It causes havoc in the bay,
destruction out to sea.
Wind speed is not enough,
there is the need for added gusts.
It can be angry, and blustery one moment,
docile and breezy the next.
It is soft and gentle, as a caress.
Harsh and biting whenever it chooses to be.
An old song gives the wind a name,
The beautiful name, is Mariah.
A verse", Mariah blows the stars around".
What then, can we do?
Have respect for the wind, "Mariah"
She has earned her due.
She is and will remain, the ultimate free spirit

Copyright © Sandra Weiss