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Out, back to pavilion

Forget your frustration, your anger,
Beware just of our index finger,
We are the game’s umpire
Ours the last call so dire,
We won’t let suspense long to linger,
Out, back to pavilion—
Our learned opinion!
Happenings |06.04.2022|

Poet’s Note: Out, back to pavilion, the five-judge bench of Pakistan Supreme Court gave its verdict in less than a week after the collusion of Prime Minister (who wanted to play 'till the last ball'), Deputy Speaker of parliament, and President dissolved the lower house, thereby killing the no confidence motion against the ruling party. It shows that even in a failed country, Supreme Court functions. Less than a week is prompt: no long affidavit, no prolonged arguments, and a short precise judgment. Would Indian Judicial system learn anything from this?    

Copyright © Aniruddha Pathak