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Once I took some colleagues from a British university up to the Acropolis for a tour.
As I was explaining to my guests the history of the Parthenon I turned towards the ancient Agora (Market) bellow and in a teasing mood told them: 

" There is the Agora where Socrates was walking every day discussing matters of philosophy,  so when you gentlemen pass onto the other side you will have the chance to ask him questions that concern you!" 

At that moment the head of the Computer Department of that university who had declared himself an atheist,  turned towards me and asked:

" Do you really, Demetrios,  believe in that silly theory of afterlife?"

" Most certainly I do!" With emphasis replied.

" Then my friend " My interlocutor continued " you will be very surprised."

" Why would I be surprised?" I asked.

" ...because there would be nothing there of what you believe to be" He explained.

" Then my friend it will not be me who will be surprised but you!" I retorted with a smile.

" How come? " He asked with obvious interest.

" Because my friend if your theory is correct and we do not go on living after death I will not exist, therefore it will be impossible for me to be surprised but if my theory is correct and our souls continue their existence after death you will be surprised, dear colleague,   for though you expect nothing to be there after your departure from this life you will find out there is something after all." I explained. 

My colleague listened with interest to my argument and after I finished, he posed for a while and then turned towards me and declared: 

" If you put it like this , Demetrios, I have to admit that you are right." Then he burst out laughing and the same did the rest of the professors there and the echo of their laughter reached the Agora bellow and even the ears of Socrates in heavens. *

© Demetrios Trifiatis
        23 June 2018

*This Narration is a true story and comes after my little poem : "THE GREAT SURPRISE" posted earlier today!

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Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis