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A Life Worth Fighting For Tribute to Dr Angela Farr Griffin

We've all arrived at the point of our 
homecoming and we've come to realize
That life can be a stumbling block or
a stepping stone towards the heavenly prize
And as our departure our homegoing 
will surely come one day
Just make sure you fought the good fight
as you journeyed on your way

Yes life is a struggle, a tug of  war
a push and a pull
But never forget to move forward 
to progress like a tenacious bull
For power concedes nothing 
we must fight for everything 
There will be tears, there may be fears
Just don't stop til the final bell rings

My 1st Lady Dr. Angela Farr- Griffin
was a fighter most supreme
A progressive praying warrior
who lived out her dream
A valedictorian in high school
who earned her Masters and Ph.d
A promoter of health and wellness
a Doctor of Physical Therapy 
A mother of 2, a grandmother to 2 
and wedded for 40 years
She fought cancer to the bitter end
and never showed any fear
A life worth fighting for 
that's how we all should live 
To put on the full armor of God
and the Holy Spirit to us He did give
A soldier in the army of the Lord
she battled and fought every day
Her homegoing has come to pass
and towards Heaven she's made her way

She witnessed, worked and toiled
to increase the kingdom of God
She always put her faith first
and from Him she would never depart 
Passionate about many causes
Which led her to start many ministries 
She believed if you stayed idle
you can't claim the victory
But most of all she was a worshiper
she continuously praised the Lord Christ
She danced, she sang she exalted Jesus 
everyday of her life
But the devil is a liar 
who only wants to destroy
But Angela was a jubilant warrior
consistently filled with joy

She fought the good fight
she had a life worth fighting for 
And now she with her Savior
Our Lord Christ forevermore

Copyright © louise nelson