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Ink Delivery

Can you deliver unto me

My aching heart a quiver

With merely a quill and a dab of ink

So as to make me think and spare
a thought

For fading petal flowery tree's
so taught and fraught they fell 
about our garden come strike
of Autumn

Ever so patiently waiting to be 
artistically water coloured oil painted

And then besides it sit and watch
the brush strokes dry whilst trying
best not to cry 

Thinking of every single family loved 
one i have lost up and until now

And can you paint so as I can remember
exactly what my home looked like
when I grew up

Because sadly no longer do I remember

Funny how or is it just I only seem 
to able to remember the bad and
not the good whence laying my weary
head to sleep

Whilst counting down the ailing minutes
on the bedside alarm clock waiting for
the alarm to sound

And if it sounds like I don't know what
I am taking about or point I am trying
to make

Then maybe I am not alone you are
exactly what I have been looking for
all along

Someone just like me who is able
to deliver me as I am getting old

Something new in order to make
me feel hole again

By means of merely using a quill and 
a dab of ink

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty