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Wonderland V: The Sailor's Tale

Morning The doctor called the next man in And offered him a chair Observing him in silence As he wrestled with despair. A minute passed before they spoke And when he raised his head With tearful eyes he whispered that He wished that he were dead. "Those tides wave back and beckon me When I walk along the sand. I gave up life at sea and now I’m all at sea on land. I used to be a real man And was never mocked before. I hide each day inside my shell. With no purpose anymore. Rules of logic don’t exist In the world I live in now. I really want to help myself But sadly don’t know how. I planned to study back at school But admit I didn’t go. Schools of whales and schools of fish Are the only schools I know." The doctor was the best in town And knew her patient well. She agreed to medication And support throughout his hell. She also gazed towards the stars To muster up some hope And helped him try to help himself In ways that he might cope. Noon The man returned to clinic Sounding cheerful as he said: “Doctor I’m so happy That you’ve helped me clear my head! Your input worked! I’m feeling great! I'm off to sea tonight!” The doctor sat back in her chair As things did not feel right.. Night He watched the lobsters from the sea Dance on the croquet green Then came around in hospital From a dark, surreal dream. Later That Night Half-awake and half asleep With the doctor near his side He learnt he’d tried to end it all And very nearly died. "A nurse agreed to follow you And then pulled you from the sea. He was acting on instructions From a plan set down by me. Your cheeriness was rooted In your plans to take your life; I sensed this during clinic As your doctor - and ex-wife."
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