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Devils in Disguise

Devils were once angels.
And he was the most dangerous of all ,not because he was evil ,but because he held my heart.
He said he loved me.
I believed him.
It was a lie that made him infamous in my mind ,but at least for a short while ,it was a beautiful one.
What a plot twist you were.
Loving you was like rereading my favorite novel…
Except for the fact that with every page turn you changed.
You became my poison.
A poison I consumed far too often.
Your heaven like love left me intoxicated.
He was part of my story, But he wasn't part of my ending.
His angel-like behavior fooled me.
And unfortunately I fell out of reality and into a ‘heaven like’ trance.
Devils like you tempt mortals like me, with your eyes, smiles, and flirtatious sarcasm.
And you'll never know it but loving you was the quickest form of self destruction.
I was torn between reality and hoping.
Hoping that you were all that I thought you were.
I thought you were an Angel, I saw you as enough ,I saw you as perfect.
But, for once ,I did not overthink ,that left me with the consequences.
I forgot to think about the fact that the devil was once an angel.
He craved the feeling of being snake fully chaotic and destructive.
While she craved a sanctuary full of peace.
He gave her the illusion of being safe ,only to break her.
The loudest silence to ever consume her was the sound of her own heart shattering beyond her control.

Copyright © Monica Wood