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Musical Emotions

			            Musical Emotions

Emotions chained like the strings on a violin
Coursing from one scale to another
Screaming to be understood
Waiting to be lifted

As the violinist plays the composition
One feeling rolls towards another in a wave
And as the pianist runs his fingers throughout the keyboard
Tears are released and the soul turns into harmony

The person takes a deep breath
And a fright takes over him
Ominous clouds gather in the firmament
And the grim music echoes his feeling state

Notes begin to chase one another
Culminating in a tense image
Panic sets in
The passions racing towards a coda

The clouds part
As the concerto resolves
Minor turning into major
The emotions settle and the music and the feelings are one within the equilibrium
Mirroring each other, they come to a peaceful conclusion

All is as it should be; all is peaceful…

Copyright © Alona Perlin



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  1. Date: 2/16/2018 6:45:00 AM

    Excellent poem, i wrote a poem similar to this once.. i do like how people mix music with poetry..