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The Corners of my Mind

1. A poet is someone who has the courage to wear his heart on his sleeve; it is most evident among modern poets who seem to favor free verse but manage to retain a pleasing rhythm and thought-provoking content.
You might be surprised to learn that not all poetry rhymes, and not all rhymes are poetry. Bearing in mind that poetry is an art form, take time over your composition; enjoy the creative process. Learn to view your environment with fresh eyes and keep a journal to jot down ideas as they come to you. The search for the right words to express the moment can be an agonizing process for any poet, but it is worth the effort when a good poem comes to life through your nurturing skills. Unless one has a clear understanding of poetry devices, many poems cannot be fully understood; skills well worth mastering. It should not be necessary to explain the intention of the poem in a footnote—the poem should contain all you wish to express. Accept that your poem will not find favor with everyone—even John Keats’ work was vehemently rejected during his lifetime. The golden rule for all poets is that in order to improve their writing, they need to read poetry written, preferably, by as wide a range of poets as possible. A word of caution: Like a moonwake follows you, so the urge to pen poems will not relinquish its grip on you. 

Poetry has helped me to come to terms with certain life events and heal my spirit. The discipline in writing a well-crafted poem helps me to dispel depression. It is a medium in which I can share my thoughts and fearlessly express my innermost feelings. 

2.  My favorite themes are the humanities, especially philosophy.

3.  My favorite REFERENCE sources are:  

4) TEN TITLES of favorite poems I’ve written:

Famadihana – Dancing with the Dead; My Legacy; The Red Taste of Words; Water Dance; Where the Moment Lies; Poetry is an Echo; Ode to the Hands; The Sun, Earth and Moon; Supermoon; The Nemophilist.

5)  My literary BACKGROUND:
I’m a retired bookkeeper and have recently moved to a bungalow in a nature reserve in South Africa. I’ve written snippets of stories since childhood, but I am new to poetry. Since joining various poetry groups in 2012, I've won a number of online contests, and have been published in various magazines. This year I've self-published my book on poetry-related subjects.
6)  SUGGESTION for the book title: 
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