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Traveling Around the United States

I have traveled the world over but like the United States best
From Maine to California, north and south, east, and west.
Born in West Virginia, I live in the Commonwealth of Kentucky
Have visited Vermont, New Hampshire and, of course, New Jersey.

Massachusetts, in New England, is historical like Pennsylvania
But not so much, I think, as the Commonwealth of Virginia.
My military time was spent in the beautiful state of Hawaii,
Which is nothing like Wisconsin or the Show Me State Missouri.

Montana is a state of wide-open spaces, unlike most of Indiana
And neither of them compared to the bayous of south Louisiana
New Mexico and Nevada are far out west, not like Arkansas,
Lying close to the Great Salt Lake Basin of neighboring Utah.

On a trip to visit some friends in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
A side trip took me to the northwest corner of Washington,
I went through the mountains of Colorado and northern Idaho
Before going through Michigan on my return trip home to Ohio.

Alabama is a long way from Delaware, not far from Mississippi,
I do not remember it having the green mountains of, say, Tennessee
I have some old and dear friends I visited in southern Minnesota,
I traveled on a Greyhound bus through Badlands of North Dakota.

The great central part of the United States lies north of Texas
Kansas is a wide, flat state where tall corn grows in summertime.
I remember visiting Iowa and Nebraska on several trips out west,
It is rather difficult to figure out which state I liked the best.

Neither Wyoming nor Connecticut border on North Carolina,
Nor does Arizona touch the low country of South Carolina
I did not pass through New York on my way to Florida,
Consulting my atlas, I found I was in the peach state, Georgia.

I have eaten delicious crab cakes by the seashore in Maryland
And quickly passed through Providence in small Rhode Island
I followed the Lincoln Trail through southern Illinois…then,
Having seen Oklahoma, what two states have I never been in?