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Mary Christmas

Mary when did your joy come most
For your child within not conceived of man
In your womb for nine months to be formed
The world was out to destroy this child
But God blinded there eyes and led you
To a place where this child to be born in a manger
Oh I have witnessed these labor pains
But the joy you must have felt when 
You cradled Him in your arms 
The north star shined brightly above Him
That we may always see He came from above
The three wise men were lead to you
Bringing gold, incense and myrth
Giving a true meaning so many miss
Gold is the knowledge and wisdom of God
The treasure of the mystery and truth
Incense was to give one there was a new sense
To awaken the five that we have not smelled
touch, seen ,taste are heard before.
The myrth to bring the anointing oil
That one was coming to prepare the dead
To allow  one to see they are walking in death
But through this child was coming a new breath
They came from the east,  west and south to give thanks to the newborn child from the north.
You witnessed your child teach this wisdom
And knowledge that He did not receive from man
He done many wonders and showed 
The power of God in love to heal many
This must have left many wondering
Why this man from God do so many hate
For they relied on human wisdom and praise
Mary the pain you must have felt when
They lifted up this child on the cross
This goes to another level than labor pain
Everyone should have seen this was wrong
But God blinded there eyes to fulfill prophecy 
He was then placed in this worlds tomb
For He would remain for three days
Mary did you have enough time to mourn
For on that third day when this Child
Came unto the world in a new body
Mary you must have been overflowing
With peace , joy, comfort and love.
For now your child from God
Is to be born unto all Children of God
Revealing we are dead man walking
He shall breathe life and spirit within
To place in good soil
That shall overcome the weeds
and thorns of life that try to hold one to this world
That God might reign within
To burn away the darkness
And place death under our feet

Copyright © Stephan McBride