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Lost to Heaven, Sans Any Doubt

"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)i am never without it."
                                                                        -- E. E. Cummings

To Heaven leave her bosom swelling stung by thorns of bigotry lodged deep in pride, her soul pricked by a serpent's double tongue, conceiving but a spirit rarefied; the arrogance of faith and fool allied in marriage mere to love of kin and kind, a constancy in goodness straight belied by pleased expectancy full unconfined; her happiness eternal long divined, the god the image of a cleavage vain, self-flattery a touch less than refined, hard bent upon a lust of its own gain -- Indeed, I fear her breasts unbound yet swell in being fated not to burn in Hell! a dedication of Respect for the quiet humility of the countless Christian sinners bound for Hell a revolving helios sonnet spenserian/menippean satire september, 2022 -- yet untold Christian sinners mistakenly fancying a loved one lost to Heaven . . . "Writing Challenge -- In My Heart -- S Forms" Poetry Contest Sponsored by Constance La France, a loving neighbor to all her own kind September 9, 2022 feetnote: the theme -- lost to Heaven a PoetrySoup poetaster whose identity shall remain shrouded with a justly deserved veil of anonymity

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