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To Save A Wretch Like Me

Cast away from Heaven!
Seeking to Devour!
Listen to what I'm telling!
As we face the final hour!

It is Now upon us!
Revelation told!
Jesus we do trust!
Satan is his foe!

Lucifer has been plotting!
Look around you'll see! 
He is very cunning!
Trying to deceive!

The bible says it clearly!
Listen closely please!
You will pay dearly!
With the Mark Of The Beast!

Jesus died, so we can live!
He Sacrificed his life!
Can you imagine or conceive?
What it is to die!

The time is almost here!
Please don't be deceive!
He shed his blood and tears!
To Save a Wretch, like  me!

 **Please go to YouTube. When in YouTube type in Celeste Solum "The Beast Is Here" She warns you not to be tested for the Virus and what they are doing to you through the testing. If you are convinced after watching her video warn
other people like I have warned you. Thank you. God will bless you for it...


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