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Whispers of the Wind

Whispers of the Wind

sounds so soft and sweet
convey Christ’s calming caress~
sing down from my skin 

May 9, 2022        12.57pm

KEEPING ANOTHER POEM BELOW AS REMEMBRANCE. Posted today: May 15,2022  12.47pm 

 Thank You So Much

Valuable were your work, support and service
Rendered at this institution for many years
You were one of the assets of our department
You worked hard for all teachers and students

Outstanding was how you came through
With love and sincerity in all you do
In our unit, notable were your contributions
Trustworthy in all your efforts and actions

Time came to share your services to others
A greater opportunity to bloom like flower
More chances to reach further goals
For yourself and for mission-vision of our school

Thank you so much for everything
Good luck and best wishes for a new beginning
Let’s still see each other around the campus
Sharing smiles of friendship as bright as a rose.

May 10,2022   11.11pm

Poem written for our librarian and teacher in one
as requested by our Academic Head
She was moved to another department this coming
opening of school year 2022-2023

Copyright © Len Gasun