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Jimmy went to Spain back in 84
With some of his school pupils
It was a week and cost 149
A couple of teachers went along
To keep any eye on the kids
Who were only 12 and underage!

Not allowed into the local discos
The age limit was 14 and above
So we went to the bars and drank
Jimmy never had lager till then
And was pissed on 3 halves!

Black coffee sobered him up
One of the other pupils drank
A bottle of Cinzano and shoved 
The bottle up his own arse hole!
Jimmy had a fight with one lad
It was a rival in the year below

They never were mates
The year above were knobs too
And Jimmy hated them as well
He palled up with 2 of his mates
They drank ate and had a laugh
There was a local castle 

But it was out of season and closed
One of the other lads climbed up
And took some pix for Jimmy
They also went to the beach
It was nudist and guess what!
Jimmy got a hard on and it showed

It left a mark in the sand
He ran off but left his towel
Twice the embarrassment!
That mad holiday in 1984
He learnt to drink and fight
Money well spent

Copyright © nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex