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February 4th, 1999 - two hundred and fifty two months ago

February 4th, 1999 - two hundred
and fifty two months ago
Shana Aubrey Harris officially completed,
now ranks among status quo
lawfully, legally, legitimately in toto
twenty one orbitz around the sun - whoa!

Chronological benchmark ye did attain
plus major purchase of second automobile
(2002 Subaru Impreza) skill ye did gain
curious if family/friends helped ye maintain
being calm, cool, and collected -
quite a taxing acquisition, one need be sane.

Said significant decision
perhaps makes heart skip a beat,
but analogously, and literally
puts ye in driver seat
tending to maintenance
of vehicle sweet
figurative taste of liberation,

while familiarizing feet
to become acclimated
accelerating at velocity
with precious fleet,
obeying Sir Isaac Newton's
first law of motion.

More important gently
and timely to apply brake
lest police siren wails
finding ye to quake
thus requiring thee
to summon nerves of steel,
cuz friendly police thirst
he/she doth slake

issuing moving violation
scenario haint no nightmare
unless fatal accident occurs,
whereby family and friends attend wake
mourning beloved daughter
forever ruing grievous 
loss for Pete's sake.

Even after time tested practice
acquiring consummate skill
experiencing diverse situations
manning steering wheel will
unexpectedly introduce during
different seasons frightful scenarios
analogous to getting

spooked by ghostly chill
ye must Carrie on as
the shining defensive driver
setting sterling pride to self
giving ego uber lyft till
ye get over the hill
much quicker than Jack and Jill.

Copyright © matthew harris