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Gallant Comrade

She stands gallant 
For us: the staged pens 
Of growing knowledge
For the posted battle field
By honor to get hired 

She stands gallant
In lonely and scary dens
Tightly by duties pledge
For our efforts to yield
And live likewise if inspired

She stands gallant
For every little, callow mind
And the runaway lyrics
Singing silently of possibility
To be boldly listen to cum history

She stands gallant
Come lose; come find
In and out academics
With such glaring docility
How she copes remained a mystery 

She stands gallant
For the lazy dudes
And their urgent care
Cum needs to get going
Even at her own expense

She stands gallant
Through mixed moods
Managing students affair
Who aren't for once easy-going
Except few that ain't of pretense 

She stands gallant 
For the striking distance
Assuming to come nearer
For life to be at its finest choice
Before regrets dilate the luck

She stands gallant
For everyone's timed chance
Not to slip by to view in mirror
Reason for her heightening voice
Not to blame but you caught thuderstruck 

She stands gallant
For what her birthday brings
Which  character nurtures 
Growing emotions for peace
And understanding to relate well

She stands gallant
For death to envy life clings
Producing more pure searchers
Adding up in numbers that don't cease
Living while gone would be a way to tell

She stands gallant
For all feelings and its fear
Explain how it could be of benefit
And follow up with the progress
To leadership is such attribute

She stands gallant
For herself by smiling to cheer
Others out of doubts from bull
Which shouldn't hinder one's finesse 
It is evident you're worth more tribute

For more of this to come
Keep living for thy known
Keep sacrificing for the unknown
Don't be distracted by some
Who want you to stop yet many  a bum

Copyright © Olabosoye Wemimo Olaoluwa