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A bookish bound man obsessed for knowledge crafts long poem

This hunger artist cannot read 
volumes of printed material fast enough 
to satiate an immense appetite 
and unquenchable thirst 
to acquire learning from 
the millenniums gushing fount of 
cumulative chance revelations, 
(or deliberate intent to validate 
a premise vis a vis via 
private investigative research), 
thus unwittingly setting alight 
an intense inquisitiveness sans 
this curious George primate 
experiencing the equivalent 
of mental non fallacious 
figurative enthusiasm analogous to:
patriotism, phototropism, priapism...), 
whose every waking hour, 
(when not tending toward 
the basic needs for survival 
as a seeming foreigner - 
journey ying in this helter skelter, 
madcap, slaphappy, whirled wide web) 
expended to enrich the yawping 
immeasurable volume mine fist size 
housed cerebellum buzzfeeds
shrouded within skull and cross bones, 
a vast scope of innumerable chunks 
of fascinating, fortifying, and fulfilling 
various subject matters, 
that when pursued 
to an approximate logical conclusion
yields abundant esoteric information.

These sundry shiny, salutary 
nuggets of wisdom send a surge 
within this once 
a pawn a time white knight 
(holed up in his rook re:)
of orgasmic sensations 
coursing throughout each 
neuron and axon of this gourmand 
famished for (imagine if you will) 
overflowing platters full of 
juicy, fruity, and bounty tea full volumes 
of incredible edible raw bits 
(toothsome incredible mental edibles 
satiating faux lower 
and upper indentured craving 
most satisfactorily) with byte size tidbits 
of savory, tasty, ultimately vaunted 
mouthwatering hors d'oeuvres teasing me 
to such fancy feast ohm my dog
amp pulley serving one godaddy 
gloriously heightening inexplicable 
joie de vivre keen longing making 
tongue lick lips in anticipation 
to partake from Smörgåsbord 
of expansive culinary cuisines.

Though nada lick of evidence concluded 
that hair color plays a role, 
(especially plait tin ham), 
I chose an arbitrary hue
(without arbitration, deliberation, 
or genuflection) hair raising experiment 
to be illegally blonde - courtesy 
of hydrogen peroxide 
as a last ditch effort to increase 
the rate my noggin can absorb 
page after page of sought after 
printed information, less 
to impress anybody, but more so 
to satisfy an incessantly voracious 
yen to understand, which 
(as a minor side effect) possibly
increases the weight of thine 
sixty plus shades of gray cerebral matter.

Thee correlation asper whether 
a lighter tinted non natural tone 
of genetically decreed follicles
(sprouting within Ziegfeld Follies 
like tender brownian growth -
thread wide spindles in the case of myself), 
I certainly experienced, invited, 
and measured quantifiable uptick 
in incidents involving being queried 
as a smart schnorrer in a city 
where the streets have no names) 
adorning straggly strands 
striving superiorly regaling 
this Tess T uber ville wondrous tourist 
with crackling, popping, and snapping 
electrical charges, which (as a side note) 
allowed, enabled and provided 
a pronounced ability, whereby 
contents of pages got vacuumed 
within a blink of an eye to imbibe 
(without any adverse reaction 
of heady inebriation not jeopardizing 
body, mind or spirit of Brexit ting 
away courtesy Yankee doo dill ling
confounding basic auburn zillions 
of tough proteins called keratin.

Copyright © matthew harris