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Glitter Girl

She's a Cyndi Lauper look-alike.
had a ‘one hit wonder’ back in the day;
a tune about some balloons and a bike.

She's not new anymore
but still a ‘hip’ artifact for sure.
Glittered eyebrows, bangles, and beads,
she’s what any wistful old guy
                      thinks he needs.

The spiky hair with crimson streaks
peeks between lacquered tweaks
          of graying strands;
a pixie named Trixie, revered
by many 80's rock bands.

We like her colorful untidiness;
  the prismatic stockings, her
mismatched punkie-ness
  always the under-dressed
  epitome of a pop princess.

She has her own style,
                        not old
just been around awhile.
folks still smile
      at her girlish wiles.

Still an internet presence,
still childish enough
though her voice is more gruff
due to toking
        medicinal stuff.

Now she sells pain creams,
  and walk-in tubs as seen on TV
for those with gout and unworkable knees.
The renowned owner
          of pimped-up poodles,
  she maintains herself
  on bowls of wasabi noodles.

The lady dwells above all commonsense
          amid a trendy affluence,
way above
the madding throng,
      forever hopeful, ever young
a songbird trilling ambrosial love,
      of balloons and bikes and far off days
when sheeny rainbows
            paved our more simple ways.

Copyright © Eric Ashford