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Egyptian goddess
impetuous and pompous
Cleopatra’s conquests
at history’s bequests
wielded a propensity
for dramatic intensity

She snared the great Marc Antony
lured him into salacious surreality
of whirlwind amorous insanity
their thirst for world domination
stirred a most legendary seduction
concocted in the heat of passion

From a cesspool of politics leveraging
exponential cunning and beguiling
struggles in a dance of supremacy
conniving betrayals with godlike fury
their superpower alliance
meeting all-consuming defiance

Their legendary games fanatical
in the end proving most problematical
honor deceit and lies tragic 
loyalties and turmoil climactic

In the end love a destructive factor
with more than one malefactor
hearts hopelessly infatuated
now freed and elated
finally devoid of grief and strife
bound to reunite in the afterlife

AP: 3rd place 2020

Submitted on June 9, 2020 to contest BRIAN'S SELECT A sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

Originally posted on June 7, 2020

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