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Concealed Agony

Beneath chameleon’s deceptive exterior façade
the concept called color doesn’t change,
for blood flows as scarlet stream in the heart
where truth dwells beyond the falsehood’s range.

Embellished face garners hues, implanted joy
melts in unshed tears behind the pensive eye, 
in the shadow of distressed destiny it tries to trace 
the track of time to travel to stark reality, it can’t defy.

Arena braces circus, dazzles ephemerally flashing
on the clown who tramps on stage in stoic style,
and under the spotlight turns into an animated joke,
as his concealed agony lurks behind the strained smile.

July 28. 2021
Rhyme checked on RhymeZone
Contest : Alpha Lines
Sponsor : Joseph May

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy