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Unveiled With Age

Crowds and noise and people enthralled me
When I had deciduous teeth.
And a simple thought of loneliness 
Engendered collywobbles in me.

How amicable people look when viewed with jejune eyes!

Blanketing all kinds under pristine
and untarnished label
Without contemplations and with profound celebrations,
Labelling the sweeter tongues 'good'
And tactless simpletons 'deride'.

Perhaps it was the age of innocence!

It afflicted my eyes with myopia
Hindering my childish wisdom for masques
As one after another, the deciduous white pearls fell 
They did shake my bygone edifice of sagacity

With each new rise, my style of mastication changed
Sometimes to the left
Sometimes to the right
My food could not be chewed with stability
Sometimes the hollowness after the fallen tooth engendered agony

And in the artless custom of childhood, I believed all......

Then with time, the new convictions came
Enamels with more glint and rock-like firmness
With age, it pondered and with 'relations' it was illustrative

'That people are not always they appear!!'
'Their words are not always what they sounded!!'

But by that age, I was one of them
Deceptive in deed and sardonic in words

Perhaps it was the stage of Adulthood!!

Copyright © Poornima Kapoor