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The Baddest Man On The Planet

On a Hot Day at the end of June in 1966, A young Father and Mother Gave Birth to a Beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy.

The Young Boy would have to Grow Quickly, for The Streets of Brooklyn is No Joke.

The Boys on the Corner would teach you to Steal, Curse and Earn your Keep.

In The Brownsville of that Era children learnt quickly how to Merely survive.

'Kid Dynamite' was the Talk of the Town, Knockin' them on their Backs All Day Long.

Though Juve' is where you Would Earn Your Stripes.

In and Out of the System is No College or University to Properly Develop a Young Mind, but those are the Cards You were Dealt.

Though The System was Hard, while there you Met Bobby Stewart, who Introduced you to Cus' D'Amato, and Your Life Would Never Be The Same.

Under Cus' Wing You Learned the Art of Boxing, and to Become a Man.

Though They Called you 'Iron Mike', Your Heart always seemed tender, helping Opponents off of the Canvas or Mat.

The Numbers Will Forever Tell Part of Your Legacy, 50 Wins, 44 KO's, 6 Losses, and 2 No Contests.

For You are One of the Greatest of Any Error, Perhaps Second Only to Ali.

Your Life is Still Young, You Have Given Soooooooo Much.

I Just Wanted to Say Thank You.


One of Your Many Fans Around the World.

Author Paul. A. Cumberbatch (July 26th, 2020)

Copyright © Paul Cumberbatch