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Pacing my head

A mind keeps racing 
around the clock
Tic laughs historically 
watching me chase toc
It’s time for rest
but thoughts won't stop 
Head tells self go take a nap
stat to finish defiantly stubborn 
Dusk promise west setting
moon will twinkle above glowing 
Dawn swears east rising 
sunrays all radiate beyond shining 
Can’t help that failure
actually fears success
Numbness relieving stress
unable to relax comfortably 
Send an insist sincerely
lay down or pay dearly
More than likely he's right 
probably best to take his advice 
Body's weak physique grows old
craving attention ignoring affection
Never hurry any decision 
listen first understand completely 
Ask immediately answer own question 
is my poem insight useful or worthless
A point is having a good reason 
why even try staying awake writing 
Believing guilt far past betrayal 
world wispers nate hears just give up
Eyes regardless will not close
persistently prefer remaining wide open
Sweat filled pillow dripping 
oddly cold when wet while saturated 
Energy overwhelmed extreme exhaustion 
eradicating normal logical thinking 
Life's been overtaken consumed by doubt
depression provoking nonstop narcolepsy
Absolutely lost precipitously irritated 
slightly becoming impatiently aggravated 
Obviously confused oblivious feeling crazy
induces lucid delusional sleep deprivation 
Deprive mind taught sanity's overrated 
lunacy's final destination full blown insomnia

Copyright © Nathan Hitson