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Unwrap Your Wings

Undo utopia no more...say no more...silence is what I hear only...I am the shadow and the lonely...I am not of this world...
Never-ending happy ever afters
Wretchedness warped me up in wicked wellness and I splash in wandering wishing wells
Ragged as a rag doll and radiant as a rose
Adoration is glowing and glimmering like a whirlpool of reminiscent light
Pour forth your passion upon me pleasantly

YOLO to this world of wretchedness and wondrous wickedness of woes, trickling down our toes of I-don’t-know’s
Own the night tonight and blossom bright with delight and might
Ugliness will turn to blissfulness
Really damaged in remedyless remnant of lies and I wish away your goodbyes...the truth will farewell your tribulation and its sensation

When will you love me?
I don’t see possibly and will never see it as a possibility...the opportunity of this life has faded into view...because I adore you
Now, you know me and how I can disappear your fear in your horrid, yet hopeful heart of shattered stone and all-alone-and-on-your-own
Gingerly grabbing a hold of my lovely, lamentable life...cutting away epic strife...on my wrists of blood...misunderstood and suicidal and God, be with me through and through...who knew I would be this poor in spirit and lose all my wit...bit by bit, I sit down in emptiness...succumb to the dumb and numb inside me sincerely...
Serenity has wings like butterflies out of ribcages...roaming around in many kinds of rages and letting go of corruption’s clever cages...wear a brave face and embrace grace...

Copyright © J.W. Earnings