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Halloween Night Walkies

When out this night amidst howling winds, foggy dew and dark,
Cautious since creatures above and ahead make us wary,
We'll slip through soggy autumn hued leaves to the park,
Past houses with orange lights, ghostly draped strands and witch's cauldrons scary.

Mindful of skunk, groundhog, coyote and bear recently observed,
Near our yard, usually safe and serene, not haunted!
We’ll trod with care lest we're spooked by any critter disturbed,
Determined to finish our tour undaunted.

Ole blind Shiloh will smell and hear them, wisely holding primitive urges in check,
Vigilant young Aengus will scan for movement that sets his blood rising.
But tis Shiloh that fiercely our pack would protect,
If confronted by dangers surprising.

May your wandering this Halloween night go well,
With no blood curdling sights or screams,
Nor creepy visions of afterlife to quell,
While awake or in your dreams!


Copyright © M. Renee Taylor